Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Body Consciousness

body treatments londonAs a nation, we seem to be more focused on our bodies than ever before. Perhaps we can blame the media – those pictures of celebrities looking fabulous (or not!) on the beach set the standards for perfection very high. Some may be airbrushed, but others owe their fabulous looks to personal trainers, sophisticated diets and perhaps some treatments to boost the skin. There are really not many people who are blessed with the perfect body with no effort at all!

So with media exposure, it’s little wonder that we have a seemingly endless list of body issues. From orange peel skin to spider veins, stretch marks, skin tags, moles, dry skin, excessive sweating, goose bumps, crepe paper knees, pockets of fat and acne on the back or chest.

The good news is that there are solutions for each and every one of these troublesome and niggly issues, so that you too can look and feel confident in your skin without the need for an airbrusher!

However, any underlying conditions or causes need to be fully understood and treated in the first instance. Sometimes the niggles that bother us are symptoms of some underlying cause which needs to be understood and potentially treated first. That’s why seeing a fully qualified doctor is a benefit, rather than a beautician, as a medical professional can take a broader view and provide appropriate advice.

Common Body Issues

1. Orange Peel Skin (Cellulite)

The unflattering term ‘orange peel skin’ is somewhat self-explanatory, relating to a dimpled effect on the skin. This is otherwise known as cellulite. The good news is that there are a number of aesthetic treatments which can improve the appearance of dimpled skin on the body. Mesotherapy involves tiny injections which work to break down areas of fat and stimulate the skin to tighten and become smoother. Use of a large professional Dermaroller can achieve a similar effect, using the principle of micro-needling to stimulate skin healing and certain skincare products may be recommended for use at home to further boost the treatment regime.

2. Spider Veins

Spider veins are very common and tend to appear or worsen with age. This is where veins or capillaries rise close to the surface of the skin as visible red or purplish-coloured lines. The problem can be related to extremes of temperature (cold or sun) or simply run in the family. Treating spider veins is relatively quick and easy using either electrocoagulation or IPL treatment, or else tiny microsclerotherapy injections to collapse the vein.

3. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the pale whitish grooves left in the skin where it has been expanded and then contracted again. Many women are left with stretch marks after childbirth, but also as a memory of puberty or when putting on weight. Treatment options include Dermaroller, Dermastamp, mesotherapy.

4. Skin Tags

Many adults suffer from these tiny protrusions of flappy skin. They often appear where the skin rubs against itself, causing friction – so they’re common on the neck and underarms. Clinicbe offers advanced electrolysis for removing irritating and unsightly skin tags.

5. Moles

Many people are bothered about the cosmetic appearance of moles, but there is often an underlying concern that a large or noticeable mole may be a problem. Therefore Dr Kubicka recommends that any treatment for moles should only be offered following consultation with a doctor, who can make a referral if there is any cause for concern. The vast majority of moles are actually harmless and can be removed safely and quickly so that the skin becomes blemish-free.

6. Dry Skin

Dehydration starts from within, so firstly check that you are drinking enough. General guidelines state that adults should have 8 glasses of water a day and coffee or alcohol don’t count! However, dry skin can also be related to exposure drastic change of temperature, ageing and a host of other issues. Dry skin can become uncomfortable, inflamed and unsightly. Potential treatments include chemical peels for exfoliation to reveal fresh skin and mesotherapy to hydrate and plump the skin from within. Very often, a change to prescription skincare can help to resolve the issue, as these products use advanced co

7. Excessive Sweating

Many people suffer greatly with hyperhidrosis, causing embarrassing wet patches beneath the underarms. Stress and anxiety make the situation worse, so professional people are often keen to find a solution. Hyperhidrosis can now be treated using injections into the underarms. The use of a prescription-only injection disables the nerve actions causing sweat and therefore the armpits dry up very quickly with results that last for months at a time.

8. Goose Bumps – Chicken Skin

This condition is medically known as Keratosis pilaris. It is a medically harmless condition which causes the skin to become rough, bumpy and pimply. The condition can be improved using professional exfoliation treatments such as  microdermabrasion or chemical peels. The right skincare is also important – soap-free cleansers and suitable moisturisers. Prescription skincare (also known as cosmeceutical) can produce remarkable results in smoothing out the skin.

9. Crepe Paper Knees

Loss of elasticity around the knees or elbows results in a crepe paper appearance. Numerous non-surgical procedures are available which can improve the skins condition of the skin in this area. Options include PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), which improves the condition of the skin from within and promotes healing. Fine dissolvable threads can also be a good option to lift saggy skin tissue and promote rejuvenation from within while dermal fillers can also be a good option to add tone and lift through subtle addition of volume.

10. Pockets of fat

The most successful and effective option for isolated pockets of fat (such as beneath the chin, bingo wings, mummy tummy, muffin top or belly fat) is Aqualyx injections which work to break down the fat tissue. These build up over a course of treatment.

If this is too much in terms of downtime and intensity we offer another treatment option – MesoBody – our exclusive mesotherapy for body shaping – which can also help to tackle cellulite and skin laxity for firmer, tighter and leaner looking skin.

11. Acne

Acne tends to be associated with the face, but can also appear in large patches on the back or chest. Again, a doctor diagnosis is helpful here. Dr Barbara Kubicka may recommend prescription medication to improve active acne. Alternatively, the skin can be vastly improved with treatments such as chemical peel or microdermabrasion, which work to strip away the outer layer of dead skin cells and stimulate healing from within. Where acne has left deep scarring, the ‘pitted’ appearance of the skin can be smoothed out using dermal fillers. Mesotherapy can be very helpful to nourish and boost the skin from within using tiny injections for healthier, more radiant skin.

Treatments for Body Issues

So modern aesthetic treatments clearly offer all sorts of options for improving the appearance of the body. The important message is to ensure that you choose a practitioner who is qualified and experienced, so that they can diagnose and treat any underlying causes before proceeding to improve the external appearance of the skin.


Clinicbe® in London was founded by experienced Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka.

Dr Kubicka takes a holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments.

Advice on skin treatments is made after extensive discussion and review and suggestions are made from one of London’s best ranges of skin treatments.

Clinicbe has a comprehensive range of skin treatments including cosmetology facials, injections and the latest treatments such as pain-free mesotherapy and PRP fillers. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair.

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