Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Gentler Approach to Anti-Ageing

botoxThe desire to look our very best is almost universal. even those of us who aren’t particularly vein can’t fail to notice as wrinkles start to appear, making us increasingly conscious of the signs of age.

Botox  injections have become a very popular option thanks to their ability to deliver an ‘instant facelift’ by smoothing out lines and wrinkles in one quick and easy treatment. Advocates say it’s not just about looking better, Botox® can also boost self-confidence and improve your mood too.

However, for every Botox fan, there is another sceptic, who would like to try a cosmetic injection treatment, but fears the possibility of an artificial, ‘frozen’ result, opening them up to speculation that some ‘work’ has been done.

Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe enjoys an excellent reputation for Baby Botox, otherwise known as ‘Botox Light’.

This approach is ideal for patients who would like to erase small lines and soften deeper ones, but do not need or want the full Botox treatment.

Treatment consists of using tiny doses of Botox with a wider spread, rather than a heavy dose in a particular area. This creates a very natural-looking result.

Botox Light, or Baby Botox is ideal for men and women in their mid to late 20s and into the 30’s. It is also a good choice for older women who want to look fresh but at the same time to keep most of their facial expressions.

New MesoBe – Exclusive to Clinicbe

The MesoBe treatment designed by Dr Barbara Kubicka offers an alternative to the gentle BOTOX approach. MesoBe combines the multiple injection approach of mesotherapy with the active ingredients of botulinum toxin wrinkle-relaxing injections, using a new pain-free delivery method.

Results are soft and subtle.

Natural-Looking Botox

The objective with Baby Botox, Botox Light or MesoBe is to avoid a frozen face and to retain expression which is part of each person’s personality and character.

Many patients are able to keep their cosmetic treatment a secret between themselves and the doctor – the most common reaction from family and friends are that they look very healthy and fresh with a youthful glow – not ‘have you had a treatment’.


Dr Kubicka offers a range of cutting edge cosmetic skin treatments for a range of conditions at Clinicbe in the Knightsbridge area of London. Her success is based on a unique approach to integrating skin and health care so that the patient receives treatment and advice for the best results ‘inside and out’.

Private consultations include individual advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help tackle skincare issues from within and compliment professional treatments.

Popular treatments include wrinkle-relaxing injections including anti-ageing injections and dermal fillers.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com