Tuesday, February 5, 2013

botoxISAPS Audit 2011

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

To assess the latest trends in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments, the ISAPS sent a survey to 20,000 of its Plastic Surgeon members worldwide.

Although the results of the survey are based on 966 respondents, results were then projected to reflect international statistics based on the estimated number of Plastic Surgeons in each country and the respondent sample.

The figures show that in 2011, 15 million people across the globe turned to plastic surgery to enhance their looks. 

  • 6,371,070 had surgical procedures performed by Plastic Surgeons
  • 8,336,758 had non-surgical procedures performed by Plastic Surgeons

The top non-surgical treatments worldwide were:

  1. Botulinum Toxin injections (Botox) 3,179,652
  2. Hyaluronic Acid injections (dermal fillers) 1,937,576
  3. Laser hair removal 906,316
  4. Autologous fat injections 455,444
  5. IPL Laser Treatment 454,188
  6. Microdermabrasion 333,414
  7. Chemical Peel 295,888
  8. Non-invasive Tightening 208,788
  9. Laser Skin Resurfacing 194,868
  10. Calcium Hydroxylapatite 140,764
  11. Laser-Assisted Lipoplasty 93,726
  12. Sclerotherapy 80,132
  13. Dermabrasion 56,002

UK Botox and Fillers Statistics

In the UK, Botox was by far the most popular non invasive treatment with 45,464 treatments held in 2011, 39% of the 116,343 non-surgical procedures in total. This was up 26 per cent compared to 2010.

The second most popular treatment in the UK also reflected the global position, as there were 36,891 dermal filler injections.

It should be noted that the data does not represent a full analysis of the market, as it excludes areas such as surgical procedures by cosmetic surgeons and non-surgical procedures by doctors, nurses, beauticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

However, it nevertheless shows some very clear trends.

Botox® and Fillers, London

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM is a fully qualified doctor, registered with the GMC and with additional qualifications in aesthetic treatments. She is the founder, director and lead doctor at Clinicbe® in Belgravia, London and has many years experience in non-surgical treatments. She is renowned for her exceptionally natural, yet effective results and high levels of patient satisfaction and loyalty. Her unique approach includes valuable dietary and lifestyle advice alongside skin treatment, to improve the skin from within as well as dealing with external issues such as the signs of ageing.

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