Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Clinicbe new logoMP Nadine Dorries is known for being outspoken. Now she is using her celebrity status to publicise the issue of female hair loss, sharing her own story. 

Last year, Ms Dorries hit the headlines after taking part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me OUt of Here, which resulted in media attention due to her absence from parliament and her constituency. Unafraid to speak her mind, she called David Cameron and George Osborne “arrogant posh boys” and has recently said she is considering running as a joint Conservative-Ukip candidate for the next election.

Now she is in the media again, promoting awareness of the relatively little-known issue of hair loss in women.

Appearing on Daybreak this week, she revealed that she suffers from alopecia and wanted to highlight that treatment is available for other women with similar problems.

She said she first realised that her hair was thinning when she spotted a bald patch on camera while filming for TV and knew straightaway that it was a result of stress, having had a busy year. She also said she had a friend who had to take anti-depressants due to stress-related hair loss.

Known for her beautiful blonde locks, Nadine explained that losing your hair as a woman is a serious “confidence stealer” and that she would regularly cry in the morning, seeing more hair come out on the hairbrush or disappear down the plughole after a shower.

She explained:

“The worst part is every morning you wake up and you look in the mirror, that actually does make you cry every morning.

“It’s a bit like your femininity is going down the shower, it’s going down the plughole.”

However, she is keen to let other women know that they should not hide from the problem and that help is available:

“When men go bald and when they lose their hair, what they tend to do is have a mid-life crisis and go out and have an affair, but what women tend to do is to actually go into their houses and lock the door, and there is help available, you can do something.

She concluded the interview by saying she was due to have her first treatment later that day.

Hair Loss Treatment Knightsbridge

The issue of female hair loss is still somewhat taboo in the UK and hair loss experts have welcomed her admission of the problem, which will help to raise awareness of the issue and of the treatments available.

There can be a number of causes for hair loss in women and it is important to understand any underlying reasons before embarking on treatment. However, as with many things, earlier treatment is generally the best course of action, having an earlier impact and hopefully preventing the hair loss from worsening.

Dr Barbara Kubicka sees many patients, men and women, with a variety of different kinds of hair loss. She offers a range of treatments in her exclusive new Knightsbridge hair loss clinic.

Treatment options include

  1. Vitamin injections: carefully selected vitamins are injected directly intramuscular, where they can be most readily absorbed and serve the most immediate benefit in promoting stronger hair and reducing hair loss
  2. Mesotherapy: special solutions are injected directly into the skin on the scalp using micro-needles, in order to deliver vital nutrients and minerals to stimulate hair growth and health
  3. Topical home treatment: Minoxidil is applied to the scalp at home to complement the clinic treatments. It works by helping the blood flow to the hair follicles and increasing follicular size and hair shaft diameter, stimulating and prolonging hair growth
  4. PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – utilising the body’s own healing power
  5. Dermaroller micro-needling – to stimulate the scalp
  6. Triple Synergy Hair System – exclusive to registered physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka. This unique combination of therapies offers a powerful treatment for hair loss

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Clinicbe is based in Knightsbridge, London and treats patients who live and work in West London, including Belgravia, Chelsea and Mayfair as well as further afield.

Dr Kubicka also offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including botox injections, fillers, peels, mesotherapy and Dermaroller; as well as treatment for medical conditions such as Hyperhidrosis, Hyperpigmentation and thread veins.

The clinic also offer innovative PRP (plasma rich therapy), PDT (photo dynamic therapy) and exclusive treatments devised by Dr Kubicka such as “Eyedealise”, “Neck and Jawline Programme” and the “Triple Synergy Hair System”.

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