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pregnancy postnatal skincareCelebrity mums have a lot to deal with and nearly all seem to be pictured off guard at some point looking nothing short of exhausted. 

‘Mum Face’ is the name given to a condition that many, if not all new Mums can relate to. That trade-mark grey-tinged pallor and poor complexion, combined with dark circles around the eyes. Sadly, it’s one of the downsides of motherhood.

Reasons for “Mum Face”

There are a number of factors behind the “Mum Face” look, including:

  1. Tiredness. Parents with young children know that it’s nearly impossible to have the same quantity and quality of sleep. Night feeds, separation anxiety – parents can be up several times a night seeing to the needs of their young. Victoria Beckham herself confessed that she is not sleeping much, saying: “Harper’s not sleeping that well, so I’m up with her, as all mums are, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s not a team of people doing it for me. I’m a working mum.”
  2. Weight Loss. It can be tempting to want your pre-baby body back as fast as possible, especially when the magazines portray young celeb Moms pinging back into their low cut skinny jeans. However, dramatic weight loss can leave the skin looking saggy. Doctors agree that weight loss should be slow and steady (around 1lb-2lb a week) to avoid ‘Mum Face’
  3. Hormonal Changes. Progesterone and collagen levels surge during pregnancy, which helps to keep skin thicker and firmer, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and results in the radiant ‘pregnant glow’. However, after the birth, levels plummet causing skin to appear to age rapidly.
  4. Diet. Busy Mums may not take time to eat properly, snatching unsuitable snacks. A healthy diet with plenty of protein, fruit and veg is best and will help to make the skin glow. Drinking water instead
  5. Work! While a necessity for many women, rushing back to work only adds to the tiredness factor.
  6. Healthy Living. Smoking, sunbeds and sugar can all accelerate the signs of facial ageing and are best avoided.

Treating “Mum Face”

Dr Barbara Kubicka has treated many new Mums who are keen to recover their appearance after having a baby. Her calm and reassuring manner combined with her extensive aesthetic medicine experience have made her a first port of call for those who would prefer to look a “yummy mummy” rather than a tired and exhausted one.

“Eyedealise” – Exclusive to Dr Barbara Kubicka

Dr Barbara Kubicka has created her very own “Eyedealise” treatment, which targets the delicate eye area with an exclusive combination of treatments to erase lines and restore brightness. Ideal for new Mums as well as stressed out executives, Eyedealise is only available with Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe.

The exact treatment plan is adjusted for each patient’s own needs, but may include dermal fillers to tackle deep lines or hollows below the eyes, mesotherapy to rehydrate and revitalise the skin from within, botox anti-wrinkle injections to tackle crow’s feet or laughter lines and a course of eyelash growth stimulation treatment to boost lashes and really make the eye area come alive.

Other “Mum Face” Treatments

Women who want to restore a more youthful, vibrant appearance, or smart, “with it” professionalism for work, have a number of treatment options, which can include

  1. Dermaroller microneedling treatment to boost the body’s own production of collagen to restore a firmer, tighter and more luminous complexion. Angelina Jolie is reported to have had Dermaroller to refresh her complexion after having children
  2. Botox and/or Filler injections targeting the appearance of lines or wrinkles. A popular choice with celebrity Mum Amanda Holden
  3. NEW PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy involving the application of the patient’s own purified plasma for amazing skin regeneration results

Dr Barbara Kubicka Says:

“I advise my patients to enjoy those early weeks and months of motherhood. They are incredibly tiring and exhausting, yet they are so precious.”

“Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your baby. Taking time to eat well, be active are very sensible steps. And taking a little time out to make yourself feel good helps a lot too.”

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