Tuesday, October 10, 2017

oligoscanKnightsbridge skin clinic, Clinicbe, has announced a special offer on OligoScan advanced cellular testing with savings from £30 to a completely free scan.

  • OligoScan FREE of charge for patients spending over £700 on treatments at Clinicbe
  • £30 off OligoScan for all other patients

The special offer applies for the month of October and is to encourage clients to get a better insight as to their health, based on an advanced screening of a multitude of factors.

What Does OligoScan Measure?

Oligoscan measures detailed data on the patient’s body and health, including

  • Mineral and trace element deficiencies (due to diet and food choices)
  • Accumulation of heavy metals in the body
  • Antioxidant levels
  • Acidity levels
  • Pure assimilation

This gives a very detailed insight into factors which can influence

  • Wellbeing – consequences of imbalance could include stress, tiredness, performance, concentration, resistance to illness
  • Appearance – certain imbalances can directly affect the skin and ageing

No Blood or Urine Sample Required

How Does OligoScan Measure?

OligoScan uses an advanced method known as ‘spectrometry’ testing.  Advanced equipment carries out a cellular scan on the surface of the hand. There are a number of advantages to this approach:

  • Epidermis analysis gives more stable picture than other methods:
    • Urine tests show excretion
    • Hair tests show what happened in the body a few weeks or months ago
    • Blood tests show what circulates
    • A full OligoScan report shows what is in the tissue itself
  • Faster than either blood or urine samples
  • More accurate than other methods
  • Very fast and convenient
  • No discomfort at all for the patient

More Information

See our page on OligoScan Advanced Cellular Testing.

Special Offer Terms

  • The special offer applies to OligoScan testing at Clinicbe, London
  • Patients spending over £700 on treatments at Clinicbe qualify for a free OligoScan
  • Patients spending under £700 qualify for a £30 discount
  • This offer ends 31st October 2017
  • All special offers are subject to availability
  • Appointments must be booked in advance. Please state the offer when booking
  • This offer cannot be combined with another promotion, offer or discount on multiple treatments
  • We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time and without notice
  • One discount per client
  • Normal terms and conditions always apply

Skin Treatments, London

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Special Offers on OligoScan Testing | Clinicbe London
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Special Offers on OligoScan Testing | Clinicbe London
OligoScan advanced cellular testing FREE of charge for patients spending over £700 on treatments at Clinicbe and £30 off for all other patients during October.
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