Tuesday, June 24, 2014

tennis sun protectionWatching or playing tennis in the sun is a fabulous way to unwind, but being outside for hours does mean that the skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful rays – and if you’re busy with the game, you might not even notice your skin burning. 

Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka says:

I would urge tennis fans and players to spend a few minutes thinking about the sun this summer and taking sensible precautions in terms of sun protection.

The same advice applies whether it’s a local kids’ game or centre court at Wimbledon.

Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer, but the best defence is preventing the sun damage from occurring through sensible sun care.

Dr Kubicka’s top tips for sun protection are:

  1. Always wear a high protection sun cream with SPF50+ – choose a quality broad spectrum sunscreen every day of the year, which can be worn under makeup or on its own to ensure that the skin is protected. For a day’s tennis, this should be liberally applied to all exposed areas – not just the face, but also the neck, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs. Think ahead to any areas that might be exposed if you remove a layer or two when it gets warm!
  2. Take light clothing that you can use as a cover up if the sun is very strong – a light long sleeved shirt works well over a vest top, keeping you cool and protecting your skin. Long linen trousers might be a better choice than shorts.
  3. Take a hat that will protect not only your scalp, but also shade your face and neck. Baseball caps do not provide sufficient protection as the brim is only at the front. Instead, choose a fabric hat with a wide brim to give you more protection. These are widely available in a great choice of fashionable printed fabrics for women, while the Tilley hat is a great choice for women or men who like the outdoorsy style. If you’re watching tennis you do need to be considerate to not blocking the view of those around you, but choosing a fabric hat rather than a massive straw one is certainly more socially acceptable. Remember, a hat is no substitute for sun screen and should be worn in addition
  4. Be prepared – don’t be caught out if the weather unexpectedly turns nice – have sunscreen applied before you leave and take some for reapplication later
  5. Avoid prolonged exposure and times when the sun is highest in the sky – be happy if you can choose a shady seat, as it is much better for the skin than hours in the direct sunlight. Take advantage of any intervals to move out of the sun before the game resumes
  6. Hydration is really important to keep your body functioning in the heat. Make sure you take plenty of fluids – while Pimms might be the classic tennis drink, water is really the best choice for hydrating the body

Dr Kubicka’s sun-safe advice for tennis was also published on BT.com.

These few points of advice are valuable whatever activities you choose to indulge in this summer.

Treating Sun Damage

If sunburn does occur, then don’t ignore it. In the short term, it is important to rehydrate the skin as much as possible, using aftersun or aloe vera gel to soothe the area.

However, beyond the initial discomfort, sunburn can cause long term skin damage, which is why Brits are advised to be extra vigilant for any changing moles with regular checks.

Premature Ageing

Many patients visit skin treatment doctors due to premature ageing caused by sun exposure. Treatments are available that can improve the skin, tackling areas of pigmentation, thread veins or wrinkles caused by sun damage.

The IPL system achieves excellent results for a range of sun related conditions, while mesotherapy is good for nourishing and rehydrating the skin. Popular cosmetic injections such as botox are highly effective at tackling wrinkles and lines.

Choose an experienced aesthetic physician who offers a broad range of treatments to give the best options to suit your unique skincare needs.


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