Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When it comes to arranging treatments, patients generally fall into two camps. Much like arranging dental appointments or haircuts; there are those who schedule and pre-book appointments… and those who leave it until the last minute, waiting until it becomes very obvious that they really need it.

When it comes to skin treatments, the first group comprises patients who arrange their appointments with precise and regular scheduling, often booking the next time as they leave the clinic. This means that they are able to maintain the benefits of treatment for the best results throughout the year. If they are having a number of treatments, for example, a thread lift and dermal fillers, they can schedule the treatments most efficiently so that there is the correct amount of healing between treatments but also minimising the number of appointments. Very often planning combinations of treatment means a better overall result too. Planning ahead also means that these organised patients can also plan their schedules and budgets around treatment times months in advance.

On the other hand, there are a great many patients who don’t plan ahead. These patients are more inclined to wait until the previous treatment has worn off, taking a reappearance of wrinkles and tired skin as a sign that it’s time for a treatment top-up. This group also includes those who tend to have skin treatments to look their best for a major event or on an ad hoc basis as a pick-me-up approach. However, this group are not seeing the best possible results of their treatment. They may need more treatment to achieve the right result than if they’d had a ‘little and often’ approach. More treatments has a budgetary impact with a higher cost. It means a more dramatic result or else planning a number of treatments to build up more subtle changes to restoring the appearance of the skin.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains:

“Waiting for the wrinkles to reappear or the skin to look saggy or tired is not the best way to plan your skin treatments. It’s exactly the same philosophy as with other regular appointments. Waiting for split ends to appear is a sign that you’re already overdue for a haircut, toothache means you should have been to the dentist earlier.”

“Patients who plan ahead are able to ensure that they look fresher and younger year round and we really do advocate the idea of planning ahead. That’s why we’ve introduced the Clinicbe calendar, to help patients to visualise a yearly plan of skin treatment options.”

Clinicbe Calendar

The Clinicbe calendar is a new concept which helps Clinicbe to plan the best possible treatment programme with their clients.

treatment calendar

Depending on what combination of treatments they are having, a bespoke programme is devised for each patient, ensuring that their schedule gives the best possible results.

The timing of treatments is designed to maintain the benefit of treatment without it appearing to fade. This means enjoying skin which looks fresh and radiant year round. For those patients having more than one type of treatment, the objective is to plan ahead with a bespoke programme which gives the greatest impact while also managing the cost and commitment to appointments.

The calendar also takes account of seasonality too. For example, spring is focused around body treatments while autumn targets sun damage from the summer exposure.  The changing seasons are often a contributory factor to skin problems, so early summer and autumn focus on treating skin conditions that tend to arise as the temperatures change and keeping the skin in a healthy condition for the coming months. Summer is a time for holidays and relaxation, so the emphasis is on body toning and rejuvenation, quick fix treatments and healing. This is far more sophisticated than a cosmetic injections scheduling – it is a thorough top to toe planner. The calendar also includes options for areas such as the neck, hands and décolletage – areas which are often neglected but where women in particular find the passing of time more noticeable – plus treatments for boosting the scalp to better retain hair.

The calendar is completely flexible and customisable for each individual and is created following a confidential consultation.

Private Consultation

A full consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka is the starting point to creating a bespoke calendar of treatments. For an effective treatment plan to deliver the best possible results, we ensure that we fully understand the condition that needs to be treated. Sometimes there are underlying factors which must be fully appreciated and treated in order to get a good outcome for the patient.

This thorough consultation will include a comprehensive discussion to ensure we fully understand your skincare concerns along with any relevant medical and treatment history. As part of her commitment to integrated skin and healthcare with a holistic approach to treatment, Dr Kubicka reviews the inner health as well as the outer skin issues – which encompasses issues such as lifestyle, work, relaxation, diet and hydration. With a comprehensive understanding, a calendar of treatment can then be composed and discussed.


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