BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial

BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial truly exploits the active ingredients in BAKEL products, combining them within a specially designed facial process which ensures maximum penetration and delivery of BAKEL’s powerful anti-ageing properties.

This facial is suitable for skin which is starting to show the signs of ageing or sun damage, which can be as early as the mid twenties right through to sixty-plus.

Starting with an intensive cleansing, exfoliation and chemical peel means that the skin is stripped of dead skin cells and fine lines are tackled. The skin is thus prepared to absorb the BAKEL products allowing the active ingredients to work in deeper layers where they can be more effective than if they were simply applied to unprepared skin.

The facial process has been carefully designed for those clients who are concerned to keep their skin looking naturally fresh and youthful.

BAKEL Products – Active Ingredients

BAKEL’s philosophy is to only use products with:

“100% active ingredients, Zero useless substances”

The BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial is a treatment based on an Italian line of products characterised by high quality active ingredients like collagen, vitamin C and Q-10, to name but a few, mixed with a minimal amount of extra substances called ‘fillers’ like glycerine or mineral oils.

As a result of such composed products founder of the company and bio-chemist Dr Raffaella Gregoris, managed to achieve the best combination of both nature and science.

At Clinicbe we have adapted them to make our bespoke facial treatments.

How Much Does it Cost?

The BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial costs £150 at clinicbe.

BAKEL Deep Cleansing Facial FAQ

Who is it for?

The BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial is safe and effective on all skin types, but is especially designed to suit the needs of those whose skin is exhibiting signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and creases. These are usually particularly noticeable around the eyes and forehead area.

Other options in our range of BAKEL facials include:

How long does it take?

The BAKEL Deep Cleansing Facial takes around an hour to complete at our cosmetology clinic based in the Knightsbridge area of London.

What recovery advice should I expect?

Most patients are happy to go straight back to work or normal activities after the facial. However, you should be aware that the exfoliation and peel process can leave skin looking a little raw. What’s more, if your skin is not used to the powerful active ingredients, these may trigger short term localised reactions (such as temporary redness). Depending on your normal activities, you might prefer an end of day appointment for this facial.

How many do I need?

A single facial can be expected to deliver a noticeable benefit, but better results can be expected with a course of facials. Clinicbe offer discounts for patients booking in blocks of 3