Diet and Metabolism

Nutrition and DietMetabolism & Weight Loss Food Regime

There are few rules to live by that will cut down on weight gain. They are as follows:

  • Keep it simple: the less processed food the better and remember cooking food is also considered a process. Choose simple meals when you eat out.
  • Keep it small: eat smaller portions; the best way is to halve the usual amount you would normally eat.
  • Keep it colourful: this applies to the type of vegetables and fruits that you eat. Basically the more colourful the better, as it richer in antioxidants like flavinoids (red colour), chlorophyll (green) and enzymes which help digest and keep our body young.  Please avoid all white food, such as potatoes, pasta, rice, white bread, salt and diary, especially if you have intolerance of lactose.
  • Keep it balanced: Eat only when you are hungry, but don’t wait till you starving as in this way you put your body into constant starvation mode. When your body operates in this way whatever you eat is stored just in case it needs to face starvation again.
  • Keep it slow: remember your stomach doesn’t have teeth so if you don’t chow properly your body won’t be able to digest and absorb what is vital for good health.
  • Keep it consistent: remember it’s a lifestyle not just a diet.
  • Keep it varied: first of all by varying what you eat you will avoid getting bored and being tempted to stray. Furthermore you will supply your body all necessary ingredients.
  • Keep it easy: Don’t let food preoccupy your mind. Food is to serve you not to slave you  😀