Wednesday, January 16, 2013

clinicbe_logoThe British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has issued results from a survey of its members into the problems they are seeing from permanent dermal fillers.

The survey showed that nearly half of surgeons had seen patients with complications after their injectable semi- or permanent fillers. Perhaps even more worrying is the statistic that among those who were experiencing problems with permanent fillers, a staggering 84% were classified as unable to be treated or else required corrective surgery.

BAAPS President Rajiv Grover commented:

“The growing popularity of these non-surgical treatments has clearly led to complacency regarding how they are performed and by whom. As shocking as these figures may appear to the public, none of us in the profession are actually shocked by the results of this survey. The BAAPS has been voicing concerns over the lack of regulation in this arena for years – the statistics simply prove what we’ve been saying all along.”

Filler Regulation

This adds weight to the body of opinion that better regulation for fillers is required in the UK.

  • Unlike Botox®, dermal fillers may be injected by any non-medical person
  • There are no training or certification requirements in place for persons wishing to inject fillers and no regulation
  • Over 300 filler are available for use in the UK compared to a relative handful in the USA, where they are required to meet stringent FDA approvals

Professional Dermal Fillers, London

Despite these seemingly grim warnings, cosmetic facial fillers are very popular in the UK, where many patients have come to see them as an essential part of their regular skincare routine.

The appeal of fillers is that they are so effective in smoothing out lines and creases by adding volume into the skin. This makes them also very popular for lip enhancement and work to sculpt specific problem areas such as the cheeks or jowls.

The advice is therefore to choose with care:

  • Seek a GMC registered doctor who has had additional training in cosmetic treatments, such as Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe®
  • Ask what brand of fillers is being used and look for a well-known one with a good track record such as Juvederm or Restylane. If they are FDA approved, then they meet specific standards in the USA
  • Always go for a non-permanent filler rather than a permanent one
  • Choose a reputable clinic – word of mouth is good here
  • Don’t be afraid to ask to see before and after photos of other patients
  • If in doubt don’t proceed until you are sure

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Dr Barbara Kubicka is the founder, director and lead doctor at Clinicbe® in Belgravia, London. With additional specialist qualifications, she has many years experience in working with dermal fillers. She has even spoken to industry peers at conferences around the world. Dr Kubicka is renowned for her exceptionally natural, yet effective results and high levels of patient satisfaction and loyalty.

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